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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 11, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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child is not critical at the moment. no life-threatening injuries. >> darya>> reporter: every day something is on at this school.
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school officials say that are in the six sides this school year. >>: she's a guest would monitor the couple files of campus. there is something on every day. i miss that was all about other people and forcing the ball around. >> reporter: the middle schools seem like a safe place for school. so far so good she had not had any problems chisel is all very much we have not had any problem so very thankful for that. >> pam: the officials have not
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yet responded. to all women said never the victim of a hit and run crash. that's i define the driver as possible. >> reporter: the two victims contacted us. they're making a turn on international boulevard. this happened now 4:00 to the afternoon. they stopped at the light and the suspect comes flight around the corner. it slams into their car and then in his be explored. will slowdown which the vehicle if you conceive a class develop. >> reporter: he recklessly spend
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around. he fled the scene the suspects' vehicle has fared in damage. the black pickup files right behind. it is unknown if the relationship between the driver of both vehicles. the victims of the witnesses will come for only have enough information to test the driver. >> pam: there ought to play their first football game. the nfl has suspended the player and
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is in and under investigation. >> reporter: their hitting to the stadium seven months and after the player not to life unconscious. >> catherine: just a few hours of our before the kickoff. one of the number of changes to make call for discussion about the players is in that. the nfl commissioner says he cannot see that as to that revealed until this week. the police and otherwise a copy was sent to the league office in april.
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>> catherine: a female voice confirms the arrival of the video you're right is terrible as they came out last night he canceled an appearance. >>: i do not acknowledge an issue when weighing heavily on our sports. we meant to slow to act i ask that you consider not to be too quick to judge. >> catherine: judges are coming in they rode him demanding as zero tolerance domestic violence.
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it was for to apologize after an earlier tweaked--tweet he was not intending to downplay the issue of domestic violence. >> reporter: he will not be there the team had suspended him. after making comments about the other players actions. this was a war is were careless. the victim here bears some of the
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responsibility for not speaking up. potter she marry him after that incident had it that is pathetic to me. when she and her now husband would take out some of this lettuces moseley's and development story. you're lucky you got off with a suspension. >> reporter: witloof forty- niners area their men to see if
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he is charged with damage to his arrest. a life cut short by violence. williams was back to guest by another 14 your boy. the teenager was want to be a freshman when he was killed last week. they attended the funeral today to show their support police had arrested two more individuals connected with the murder. as 530 is not lobbying column
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today marks 13-years since the september eleventh terrorist attacks. tonight -- the bay area and the nation are honoring the victims. you are looking at the scene from earlier -- at ground zero. a moment of silence was held. locally -- people are gathering in lafayette. near the hillside memorial of crosses.
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which are meant as a reminder of soldiers killed in iraq. vigil: brigade's 13th annual 9/11 vigil. >> reporter: the ceremony lasted about in half an hour this morning. they came here to station seven for the ceremony. the fire department rang the bell at 659 this morning followed by a moment of silence.
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what: never forgetting 9/11 with children. hill. forgotten is history repeated take a look. this is to remind them that that are appreciated and given the support. delicacies take place this year.
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these pictures were tweeted out by different organizations. this one's from calfire. fremont p-d tweeted this collage of pictures.calling today "patriot day" and showing officers standing next to a memorial. santa clara county sheriff's office sent out this photo of the u-s flag imposed over a picture of the new york skyline with the twin towers.saying "in memory of those we have lost." also the united states navy.with a simple message saying "we remember.we serve." and to commemorate the anniversary of 9-11.the c--i--a sent out a simple message. the tweet had no text.just this symbolic image of the twin towers. people across the nation were pausing to look back on what was one of the country's darkest days. especially in new york and washington d.c. its been 13 years since the families of the nearly three-
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thousand people killed in new york.washington.and pennsylvania lost their loved ones. the country again came together for tributes to those who died. in manhattan, each of the names, now engraved on a memorial, were read out loud. they were mothers.fathers.aunts.and uncles. >>:"i'm honored to read names today. in honor of my uncle, john roberts cruz who was in the north tower." >>: the tributes were broken up by six moments of silence - one for each plane that crashed, and one for each world trade center tower that fell. president obama delivered a speech at the pentagon. >>: "time that has brought us pain but also time that has brought us endurance and strength, a time of rebuilding, resilience and of renewal." >> reporter:bells were rung in this pennsylvania field - where the fourth hijacked flight crashed.
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room"i hope people remember how on their respects but it's not a sad day, it's just a day of remembrance." there were symbols of solidarity in every corner of the country. reminders of the nation's promise to never forget. >> reporter: we had a hundred degrees in livermore right now. is in the '80s sandro's is 89, 96 to the high today. we are in the upper 90s 95 in morgan
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hill, 96 in brentwood, and 97 in europe. will it up to 56 tomorrow morning around the bay area. alatas '70s and '80s. >> pam: that time to determine if the animal had rabies they are tied to the firm that this is the same mind. the mountain lion was shot and killed yesterday. it was found in the street does one logic and 30 yds from the sun is attack. >> reporter: the strange way
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joan rivers was remembered after her death.
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he is not in the guinness book of world records. >>: he had a long his tongue in the world. upon meeting someone initially i have to stick my tongue out at them. >> reporter: uses his tongue as a paint brush of some sort. 3.97
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in. is the longest punt ever recorded. --tongue. >> pam: when a police officer shot an unarmed black teenager to death when we come back.
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>> pam:there's a new poll in the oakland mayor's race -- and it's not good news for mayor jean quan. catherine heenan is here with the story. catherine? >> jacqueline>> catherine:that l shows that city council member rebecca kaplan has a wide lead in the race.
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and would trounce mayor jean quan 61 percent to 39 percent. the poll was commissioned by the pro-business group - 'oakland jobs and housing coalition.' quan has weathered a lot of political troubles in her first term. including controversy over how she handled the 'occupy oakland' protests. her refusal to answer questions about the sudden departure of police chief anthony batts. a recall effort. even her driving. criticism after being in this traffic accident in a city car june 8th. she later said she'd get a driver and has since done so. >> catherine: also - in unrelated driving incidents - mayor quan was featured in a kron 4 'people behaving badly episode'. that's after stanley roberts got exclusive photos that showed her driving and texting, or on the phone talking. we asked some oakland residents today - what they thought about the poll numbers. just 16 percent of those polled said they'd re-elect mayor quan. >> catherine:and 69% said they'd
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replace her. >> pam: nearly three weeks after the magnitude -six quake hit napa.the community continues to rebuild ---- both structurally and emotionally. kron-4's scott rates spoke to a >> reporter: as also a very great demand that was damaged their ballet in a result of >>: "i could have died" a frightening thought for a young man just starting his freshman year at napa new technology high school. nicholas dillon an avid runner and soccersot >>:"i love soccer"
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but on august 24th at 3:21 in the morning all that would be put on hold it was that morning he had friend over for a sleepover. nicholas falling asleep on a mattress on the floor underneath the chimney.the 6.0 quake jolting him awake . >>:"there was a slide first, then everything started shaking really fast" strong shaking for at least 30 seconds the most terrifying 30 seconds of the 13-year-old's life. "it felt like an eternity for me" the shaking so violent it ripped apart the chimney nicholas was lying under, bricks started dropping on top of him >>:"you can see the marks on the floor where the bricks fell" "i was taken to the hospital and had multiple x-rays."
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>> reporter:those x-rays reveled several fractures along nicholas's pelvis "the surgeon said two on my left and two on my right" that same day nicholas was transported from queens valley medical center to uc davis children's hospital "where i had a ten hour surgery" and while the recovery will be a slow one, nicholas is determined to be back on the soccer field with a new outlook on life. >> reporter: is a very tough and determined young man he said the other will share and what it at about six months he said he will be doing it in four months. >> pam: to contractors to happen to be in the area they saw the shooting. >>: the man you see in this
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exclusive self on bail and a gunshot there about 50 ft. away from michael brown and offers a darren wilson. they captured the witnesses reaction during the final moment of the shooting. >> reporter: that not one to be identified that her one gunshot that about 30 seconds later a second shot he said he saw mike brown and he put his hands of and said ok the witness told us he'd just a shooting the man. he saw michael brown bring come out of his head. his hands were up. >> reporter: the witnesses say
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it was especially after it had ended. the pleas of in the distance put up a crime scene tape there with three offices on the scene but only one involved in the shooting. another voice is heard on the say the contract and a green shirt that voice belonged to a man he did not know who pulled up alongside of them. >> reporter: he saw michael brown running away from the police car brown put his hands up and also was chasing him he also said all possible some fired another shot while his back was turned. he also drew his weapon the one cop with the one who shot him and then the of all support the gun out but he did not shoot. the same work to
5:36 pm
describe how michael brown staggered dead after the second shot 25 ft. from the ground. he was like a walking dead guy. >> pam: michael brown was shot from behind and try to get away. another witness claimed he did not see his hands of he saw him turn around and face the officer before he was shot dead the investigation continues. >> reporter: in livermore at 101, 97 in concord, 96 in santa rosa. 91 sunnyvale a lot of '80s and '90s. to read < francisco
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for preschoolers. and how long is he going to stay with us will have his answer when we come back. >> pam: invented or disgusting you decide.
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>> catherine: joan rivers reportedly left her 150-million dollar fortune to her daughter melissa.her grandson cooper.and her dogs!! rivers' goddaughter says there's a "clear provision" in the will for her 2 rescue dogs, who lived with her in new york. in california. the 81-year-old had joked with friends that they were "better than a husband because rivers, who died last thursday, is believed to have amassed a
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150-million dollar fortune, including a lavish manhattan apartment - recently valued at 35 million. >> reporter: we are in the '80s in san jose state, all have the answer for you.
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>> pam:stocks today ended mixed as traders consider the outlook for interest rates, the latest sanctions against russia and energy prices. the dow dropped 19 points to finish the day at just over 17- thousand. the nasdaq rose five-points to end at just under 46-hundred. finally the s-and-p rose one- point to just under two thousand points. >> pam:starbucks is taking a second look at its no-tattoo policy for employees. on a facebook page for starbucks workers the company asked for advice to find what it called - quote- "the right balance between self-expression and
5:45 pm
professionalism." the company says it's in the process of evaluating a variety of workplace issues. an online petition asking starbucks to change its tattoo policy has garnered 21-thousand signatures since it was posted three weeks ago. right now workers are required to cover up tattoos while they're on the job. >> pam:would you eat this burger? burger king thinks its customers in japan will. the fast food restaurant is planning to unveill two burgers featuring black buns, black cheese and a black sauce later this month. the sandwhiches are named the 'pearl' and the 'diamond' burger king says bamboo charcoal was blended into the cheese and buns to achieve the dark look. the black sauce contains soy sauce and squid ink. burger king has not mentioned any plans to bring the new sandwhiches to the u-s. >> pam:mcdonald's wants to trademark the word "mcbrunch." the fast food giant filed an application to patent the name back in july. a mcdonald's spokeswoman says it's too soon to speculate about what "mcbrunch" might entail. but this isn't a new step for
5:46 pm
mcdonald's. according to fast-food indsutry blogs the burger chain tried to trademark the name back in 2001 but abandoned the application. this is another effort from mcdonalds to revive sales as more innovative rivals gobble up market share. >> reporter: we had 101 out in livermore, 99 in pleasant st., 97 in concord, 99 and their field. 91 in sunnyvale. we do have a sunny skies flee was everywhere in the immediate coast line. this afternoon manacles line reified a sunny skies it was still be hot a lot of eighties and nineties in the area. and the next week it was
5:47 pm
such a call back down. >> reporter: this is a lot our san francisco because see a few sunbreaks tomorrow some to i want to be similar in the morning and afternoon if it is 60 today. will still lead assemblies and '80s and afternoon nap the antioch and redwood. >> reporter: not much has changed. it is very pleasant 82 in san mateo it will be 84 in hayward 76 and a limited period-
5:48 pm
that's all media. the south bay will be a mix of '80s and '90s. 86 an appeal 8511 valley 88 in the late note. --vallejo. >> pam:and big news we have been following at five. the former f-b-i director robert mueller will lead an independent inquirty into the leagues investigation. and how it gathered evidence in the ray rice case.
5:49 pm
the insider's thea andrews joins us from hollywood to look at the die-hard fan reaction when stars behave badly. >> reporter: with sec a look at their be asked after area. >>: pay was cut by the baltimore ravens. >>: some fantastic invite him and his wife. mike tyson returned. he has since returned
5:50 pm
in movies. >>: kobe bryant is making $30 million for year. >> reporter: he left jail in 2009 after participating in dogfighting. >>: >> pam:and again -- the insider airs tonight at 7:00. followed by entertainment tonight at 7:30, and then. kron 4 news at 8:00.
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i'll explain in the next edition of people became valley 29 a. >>:
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all the life i hotspots in the world will be on mobile networks. bill automatically pick of the wife died and use it for free all ltd. phone calls and texas as is. here's what about this using why fire on the phone was a people a lot of money on the dead plant. the life by everything will be free.
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this is overall a better signal service. maybe you're basically office all your friends out as long as is why presence in the area used all get a good signal for calls and fax messages. another thing immensely called texas's from other countries back to the united states on free as long as you are in the life i hotspot. that's right when traveling abroad. >> reporter: it will put it arise in atc is for that. the blending of by five with additional self all signal level we need for the future. it would give us better signal strength. a log onto kron 4 that,.
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coming up at six they were victims of was scary hit and run. coming up this wildfire is threatening hundreds of homes tonight. straight ahead at 6. mulligan is a lot warmest locations. bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent!
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>> pam: a hemline crash to
5:59 pm
victims of the incident came to kron 4 news for help. the two victims contact us can be seen in the savannas video. take a close look this is all happening around 4:00 tuesday afternoon. they stopped at a light you see them stopped at the light and a suspect this comes screeching around the corner slams into the taurus. >> reporter: that the suspects' vehicle and a black pickup truck also turned the corner narrowly missing the crash the suspect who witnesses say that i intend source. he fled the
6:00 pm
scene. the suspect did will have the font in damage there's a bumper hanging of the black pickup takes off as well. he followed the suspect vehicle is unknown if it is the relationship between the driver of the taurus in a black pickup. >> reporter: the victims who came to us are looking for help from kron 4 yours. >>: everything started shattering and then you add to our vehicle. >> reporter: 1 tel i is busted
6:01 pm
she suffered minor injuries. >>: they have their daughters in the backseat the girls. my knees started crying my daughter was on the side and he hit. >> reporter: he had a warm and tile inside but little bit and not appear injured. >>: of the whole fun of his car looks like it was about to come off. >> reporter: that were told they could take 40 by the days the police to respond. they're the
6:02 pm
ones to track down the surveillance video. the only have a possible partial plate on the suspect vehicle. >>: we don't know anyone else was as. >> pam: the police investigating a shooting that send a one-year- old baby to the hospital. the baby is in the hospital bill is to try to figure out exactly what happened
6:03 pm
>> reporter: the police are tantamount how the one your boy was shot. a one-year-old boy suffered a gunshot wound. the child was in the presence of family members. investing at the time to determine if this was accidental. there are many toward it being an accidental shooting. the community was the second of all is that. >>: and breaks my heart we don't know what really went on is very sad. >> reporter: the child is in stable condition but not life- threatening injuries and he suspects built back. the police
6:04 pm
are interviewing the family and they tell me that not searching for. >> pam: a live look at lafayette tonight where 911 remember as a candlelight vigil is taking place. the aim for tonight is never forget. is just one of the number of events around the bay area find a victim of the september 11th attack what happened 13 years ago today. >> pam: the fire department lower the american flag as 659. that's when the south tower of the world trade center collapse. the firefighters also read the names of the 343 new york city firefighters who died on not 11. >> pam: family and friends can
6:05 pm
together at ground zero to the edge of europe. there are read out loud on now and a great memorial. along with six momus of silence this morning. >> pam: they're among those also intended to pay their respects at the ground to a ceremony today. >> reporter: 3101 knocked out in livermore. we in '96 and apple. --napa the samoset residency the
6:06 pm
sunny skies over the bay. you cannot see that bridges tower. web want to see slightly cooler conditions tomorrow i'll have the full forecast coming up. >> pam: weaving in and out of road construction. the work that is being done is not enough tonight kron 4 shows a new study that shows is costing motorists thousand dollars. >>: a new study finds not enough money is being spent statewide to people when the repairs. nearly half of the bay area's major roads and highways are in
6:07 pm
poor condition. that is costing- test costing motorists money. >>: is very congested and it lacks some desirable safety features. >> reporter: a hundred and $45 for traffic accidents a hundred dollars and be a commitment to growth. $466 annually due to travel delays. >>: because of the traffic congestion that sign tonight from our family business owners cannot get to customers. >> reporter: is not want to bet
6:08 pm
on zone but that is easier said than done. >> reporter: that kind of along to our program. >> reporter: individual residents can decide how much they want to pay to fix their roles. >> pam: please respond to a crime lot from one another. new information on flights in eight school near the east bay. a new line of fire ignite in california we come back.
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6:11 pm
>> pam: they are investigated to crimes that happen a block away from one another. the victim was being edited to the hospital so one of the fire on the next tree. model gunshot loans to the chest he died on the scene the stabbing victim is in critical condition. >> pam: police said that the 90
6:12 pm
broke into the home shop home owner in the late into other suspects are still los there were still in medical marijuana from the house. the mullahs will fight that was caught on camera that may be part of a much bigger problem. the all the baltimore ravens is speaking out on the rate rise is it. --ray rice. bulldog: save up to $300 on sealy posturepedic
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>> pam: we went to school web have been there shot showing a strong reaction from concerned parents. . >>: they're fighting in school there's something on every day.
6:16 pm
they need the suspending these kids for acting up. >> pam: there were suspended from school from taking. >> pam: the pressure is still mounting from those calling the nfl to do so than about a. also today a group of female senators sent a letter demanding that he implement a zero tolerance policy for domestic by this. instead of a six day suspension for the first offense. >> pam: their remote his nfl jersey from is wall of fame. the
6:17 pm
owner says he found a stunning that the police officers who saw the video onto his bed fiancee arrested both of them of the night of the incident he said he never talked to the nfl player about what happened. >>: we here we hear is see we want to see. the misdemeanor that explanation that he hit her with his hand the fact that she was aggressive. i picked it her well on him and he smacking her. after he saw the disturbing video he decided to cut red rice the media elite. >> reporter: the video side of
6:18 pm
the elevator was made public. minutes after the nfl announced an extended suspense set to an indefinite suspension. his wife will go to the morning filling like to get all nightmare she is less is more in the death of our closest friend. wednesday nfl executive received a copy of the nfl punting video. our letter last night denounced the former fbi is now leading an investigation of the players' case. >> pam: after he made comments about domestic violence roberts
6:19 pm
will be suspended for the next to 49 games. robinson said that his wife is partly to blame for not speaking up. >>: is a very sad series of comments on twitter. a woman to lead the phil st. seen a single mother of self worth having my daughter see him hit me. because the fellow with the man before the prison mess and that he could be.
6:20 pm
>> reporter: we are seen called near the coast 95 in concord in livermore. mainly '80s to the north bay. tonight the gulf fog is one to the any of the coastline. 80s and 90s along much of that area. the oil what lies ahead next week. >> reporter: vallejo san rafael by 10:00 fog will be back to
6:21 pm
coast. timmer said the cause will be in the upper 60s. sematech will be 82 degrees will be 83 and hayward and fremont. will hit 96 in pittsburgh 99 in brentwood. the mid 80s and 90s in the south bay. 88 in san jose. a mix of '80s and '90s 92 and paddle. it was still be one tomorrow.
6:22 pm
>> pam: dozens of homes and danger due to a factory fire. but that doing to get control the flames. in just a few our real find out the ruling today that could set him free. will we come back ...we need to break up.
6:23 pm
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is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show.
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it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. just one shooter was involved in last year's attack. it does not look like it was that the terrorism. they disagree it was sophisticated act of terrorism. last year in april with our station came under attack began when a person kind under the road and put at&t fire at the tables. 50 minutes later
6:26 pm
damaging lawrence transformer's known has been arrested in connection to that incident. >> pam: is running 50 mi. northeast it has destroyed about a thousand acres the flames are threatening about 100 homes. the blaze started yesterday and from the dry gusty winds. there are calling an additional resources to help fight the fire. >> pam: a disservice story out of nowhere one euro was shot plus a new report showing how much californians are paying for
6:27 pm
driving on back roads. people behaving badly next. are we gonna get some relief anytime soon?
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ady r a eat reer dey unersi's mit-bed reeratalt sclarsp
6:30 pm
n he youet srted th uto $,000 r quifienew uden. ply w anstarworkg tord yr caer, like dry gd, slly seph as stunt adevr a sine carr wamy gl. th wasy caer trningroun.. myrofeors, werelso coaes. thr guance helpede fi carr suess... at mroso. fi yousuccs wi our reeratalt sclarsp. assestaroctor 27 t stted w. >> reporter: the old template is designed to fit a hot one year- old boy was shot this capital for his afternoon they do believe the shooting was accidental. he was taken to a nearby hospital and he is in
6:31 pm
stable condition as non-life threaded injuries. that's not such any suspects they're interviewing family members. >> reporter: to women are saying there were victims of a hit-and- run many victims to help identify the driver can have the wrong for p.m. tuesday afternoon. >> reporter: it ran the back of a car and another as you read. he ran and sped away with this one bumper hanging off of the car. that road of costing california drivers a lot money every year. >> reporter: it is very congested that found nearly
6:32 pm
half of the bay area rose and highways and poor condition. >> reporter: as shocking as this self home video with two students fighting on campus appears to be is not all that uncommon. >>: when it comes from he says they're fighting in school is something one on every day. that is the spending these kids in the to stay home for a few days. >> reporter: a woman who used to be a teacher assistants poll was injured in 2012 tried to break up a fight has seen his latest video is said that parents need
6:33 pm
to be concerned her story tonight at in a clock. >> reporter: the fire department to pay tribute to everyone that died and september 11, 2000 and won. --212001 this someone will concede every year. >> reporter: warm weather will continue. we want to wake up to very little fog adjutancy here at the golden gate bridge. is
6:34 pm
not want to be very extensive at all is one to hang out by the coastline. the timber to and the south bay 9288 in san jose. 96 in livermore. will be a lot who at the close because of the nice marine air. >> reporter: it will be hot the next few days. it will be in the '80s and '90s >> stanley: in issuing 21 moscow or yes i called the video known as a temporary speed limit sign
6:35 pm
right here. there's accept limit of 50 mop our sign i'm in a mill valley at a multi you shell. the bike riders and ignore the posted speed limit. this is stanley roberts with people behaving badly! to is listed as injured after getting hit by bike. one child suffered multiple skull fractures. on the weekends is a racetrack. bob franken is the shell with his kids to play soccer. in a visibly shaken molest lives in mill valley. on the weekend the ball more have up there a lot people that raised an come through here and there like a pack of fools.
6:36 pm
>> stanley: i found some well the 50 hour speed limit. and no one is injured why would anyone care? is unfortunate this all has to be injured in order to get action that is exactly what happened. >> stanley: and what i found is loggers are added that it allows our dollars at a brisk six m.p.h. a bicycle is our challenge as well as safe anywhere between 30 mouse staggering 21 mi. per hour. remember this is not an excuse to buy have is not an is to the dog will be area is a multi you trail in is for everyone in the valley stanley roberts kron 4 knows.
6:37 pm
>> pam: >> reporter: is one to change the way we watch movies. why was one screen when you watch prescreens one bay area movie house is testing out this new era experienced.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
while official said it could take two days to determine if this at the mouth and my response before tech is 60 boy over the weekend. official our morning test to see if the lion dna matches to live amid all the
6:41 pm
victim's clothing. the officials said they believe they shot the right and low because it was found near the scene of the attack in matches what is it discourages test also began to disarm at the moss might have rabies. >> reporter: this was a mob scene today as he tried to leave court with the judge said he would never again in the shooting death of is their friend last year tha>> catherine: their of fighting
6:42 pm
back tears or in court today. the judge said she is unimpressed his performance in the witness and his behavior to drop the chalk trial. >> pam: can they scored the giants go for that ninth straight when at home.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> reporter: the giants are red hot everybody is a good mood. scoreless the giants have a one to nothing lead. a coupling its
6:46 pm
that already acted in. the giants rolled on to win this game. he is hitting 489 this is the giants' ninth straight win at home. >> reporter: there's two games back their feeling really good for and have giant dodgers to marmite at the ballpark in san
6:47 pm
francisco. >> reporter: drawn-out the first pitch. that is the joy we know. >> reporter: he has been in a slump only hitting 250. total three teams on the board. on
6:48 pm
this until the satellite radio one guy's opinion the nays them make the playoffs you consider that the biggest gold in the history of baseball. >> reporter: i would never argue with someone. as much as i get annoyed >> reporter: crippling to the guy who does not know anything.
6:49 pm
on >> reporter: the 49 1/7 point favorite over the bears sunday night the regular-season debut for levi stadium. >> reporter: but what about the turf? it had been torn out and
6:50 pm
replaced after the players was to be on it. >> reporter: the big story. he was not charged ray mcdonald. he made a mistake as an announcer. >> reporter: now amytal you think mike is suspended.
6:51 pm
>> reporter: out you have the right to the cluster. he was doing pitch radio. i dunno if we deserve it or not. >> reporter: >> pam: >> pam: did he deserve it? >> reporter: the manager of the
6:52 pm
restaurant and fairly--philly i tipped 20¢ on the $62 bill because the service was awful and i want to teach them a lesson. >> reporter: will be right back bulldog: quarterback takes the snap...
6:53 pm
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is it the biting? ...we need to break up. cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting. break up with cable. choose u-verse tv from $19 a month for 2 years. >> pam: the solar flare and the bright white light spot. they do
6:56 pm
say any strain so flair when and if there was satellites already transmission. they don't know the solar storm reach earth. it made to all morning or take a few days. >> reporter: it will be really hot again tomorrow. over the next few days monday to wednesday and will start physical conditions in much comfortable conditions. will be back tonight at 8:00 with the latest on knows what and scores. stan touch with kron 4 down, everybody.
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the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. ♪ >> are chris martin and jennifer lawrence consciously coupling. >> i just need some affection, just somebody to hold me. >> is this for real, or is this a may-december romance? >> i don't know how to talk about this stuff, to be honest. >> plus, was kanye just rushed to the e.r.? miley's awkward art. ♪ isn't she lovely >> and stevie's major announcement. >> this will probably be my only time doing it. >> then, lloyd boston is back. >> we've got who is on the front row as fashion week frenzy continues. >> plus, "the biggest loser" dolvett quince is here with season 16 secrets. >> and the fallout with jillian, and the controversy over last season's too skinny winner. then, as the former fbi agent investigates the ray rice video, we look back on the stars who have shamed their most loyal supporters.
7:00 pm
♪ >> go, michael vick! >> are these the best fans forever, or blinded by fame? time to go "inside." >> embarrassed, ashamed. i'm so sorry. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. jennifer lawrence and chris martin, hollywood's date night. hello, everybody. i'm louis aguirre. >> and i'm thea andrews. plus, in light of the ray rice scandal we look at diehard fan reactions when stars behave badly. while some fans jump ship, others remain bff, in this case we're referring to best fans forever. >> let's start with j-law's cold play for chris. has this summer fling turned serious? we look at the road to romance. ♪ >> jennifer lawrence and chris martin romance is official. >> with the story of their first public date night monday in beverly hills at an


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